To practise the Secret at the right place at the right time

The Kairos moment

Prayer, Meditation, Love, Universal Spirit, The Laws of Gratitude, Prosperity, Belief and Receiving open the way for the divine design to manifest your vocation in life

The 'Kairos' Moment

This is the moment outside of normal time that occurs when praying or meditating at the right place at the right time and in the right way. The ancients knew it as the time when the snake stopped holding its tail in its mouth to let the phoenix fly up so ones soul could enter the paradise of enlightenment.

We know it when the Energies form two perfect torus shapes, one on top of the other, whilst a vortex of energy is swirling around in the centre of both Torus's.

Earth Energy lines

These are found in pairs crossing around the World in great circles. They are linear concentrations of energy within a field of energy. Where the lines cross over with other pairs of lines a node is formed. Nodes are highly concentrated circular zones of energy that rise up into the air and down into the ground. These are the right places to pray and meditate.

Earth energy lines were known by our ancestors all around the World as snakes, Dragons and Ouroboros.

Harmony Days

Earth energy lines have a frequency. They move from side to side and this movement is affected by the position of the Sun, the moon and the spin of the Earth as well as our nearest planets. Four times a year all these lines start moving in harmony with one another. When this occurs, the cylindrical shape of concentrated energy found at a node collapses into two stacked toruses along with a vortex of energy in the middle of them. These were the ancient Holy days. This is the best time to pray and meditate. 

The Science behind it

Western science is in crisis. Relativity theory cannot be combined with Quantum theory even after 60 years of efforts. The Big Bang theory has fatal flaws and many observations are now being ignored due to them being embarrassing. 

Fortunate we now have a new complete theory of quantum gravity that explains the Eastern philosophical way of thinking along with all its natural observations like healing and survival after death.

This is called the Big Breed theory of creation and more can be found under the books section of this website and on


The Sounds

Earth energy lines have a natural side to side movement. Different groups of lines have different frequencies and each of these change slightly over time in a rhythmical and patterned and predictable way.

It is possible to connect to the harmonics of these frequencies in our audible range. It is known as the law of correspondence. The Pythagorean fifth harmonics, based on the fundamental energy line base frequencies, can be played by musical instruments that have been tuned to them. When you hear these sounds ones whole body resonates with the connection. You are literally being tuned to the sounds of the Universe - It is Pythagoras' Music of the Spheres and it is a great aid to meditation and prayer..

The Gatherings

More and more people are meeting four times a year to take part in ground meditations at sacred sites where there is a node of energy lines.

They are multi faith gatherings and anyone can join in and it is free to do so. All that is requested is respect for each individual as well as for the group.

All that people unite in is the feeling of Love in and love out. Only vowels are occasionally sang and there is sometime the paying of sounds that are connecting to the energy line frequencies. The meetings generally take less than an hour.

The next one is on the Sunday 20th December 2015. Current venues where we have initiators are Royston, Glastonbury, Avebury, Stanton Drew.